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Ref: BZ17-10 Model:(BZ17-10)

BZ2017 Rear Arm Mount Set(RC Atomic)

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Original replacement of suspension brackets (armors) rear, made in composite, for the chassis model Atomic BZ evo 2017.

These parts are identical to those originally supplied in the BZ17 kit, and are mounted on the back of the chassis. The brackets that are located in the rear part in front of the rear differential (Rear / Front, made with two parts), and the one that is located behind the rear differential (rear / rear, made in only one piece). These parts are responsible for holding the two suspension axles (right / left) thanks to the balls (pivot).

Even when using these series parts we can already make an adjustment on the rear axle.

¿What? adjustments allow us these two brackets mounted on the chassis BZ17?

We can mount the R / R support in two different ways, face up or face down, since its two faces are not equal. In a position, you will leave the two axes of suspension perfectly parallel to the chassis, while in the other position they will be raised. slightly from the back ("Anti Squad" effect). 

The & quot; Anti Squad & quot; it is the angle of the lower rear trapeziums relative to the chassis. By modifying this angle (lifting the rear part of the trapezoids) we get that the rear springs are not the only ones that have to support all the sinking of the rear train in the accelerations, especially when we use soft springs in the suspension. This effect has to do with the transfer of weights when accelerating and braking.

We remind you that Atomic has optional spacers for & quot; lift & quot; precisely these brackets or armors, and get, on the one hand lower the center of gravity of our chassis, and on the other hand adjust the effect & quot; Anti Squad & quot ;. These optional spacers have the reference BZ17-UP01-1 (0.1mm) and BZ17-UP01-2 (0.2mm)

¿In what? Does the Center of Gravity affect the behavior of our chassis?

Having a very low Gravity Center will allow us to; increase the stability and grip of our chassis. Of course, that is feasible in very smooth circuits.

If we lower only the chassis in the rear part of the train, using these optional spacers that we discussed, and therefore we leave the part of the front axle higher, what we will achieve is greater traction in the rear train. We will have better stability and a better transfer of weights in the rear axle in the accelerations, although we will also suffer a slight loss of rotation, especially while accelerating.


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