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Ref: BZ17-17 Model:(BZ17-17)

BZ2017 Front Camber Arm +2.5mm (1 pcs)(RC Atomic)

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Upper front trapezium, made of aluminum, with camber 2.5mm (ca), with caster adjustment, manufactured by Atomic, suitable for the Atomic BZ 2017 chassis.

These trapezoids replace the originals mounted as standard on the Atomic BZ evo2017 chassis, either on the right side or on the left side.

¿In what? affects the fall ( camber ) on the front wheels, to our chassis BZ evo 2017?

It is important that we know in what influence? the camber to our chassis. The value of the camber refers to the angle at which the wheels, in this case the front wheels, impinge on the track. When they strike without an angle, that is, perpendicularly, we talk about camber 0.

The adjustment of the falls, both in the front axle (as it also happens in the rear axle) will affect. to the lateral displacement of our chassis. Adjusting the falls, we managed to maintain the largest wheel surface in contact with the runway, when we are in the middle of the curve, which is when this lateral displacement occurs. These trapezoids offer a setting of camber of 2.5mm

When the car enters a curve there is a swaying of the chassis that will cause the wheels to work with a positive inclination or fall. Therefore, when we want to modify this situation, what we do is to adjust in advance a negative fall that allows us to counteract this effect produced by the roll and the lateral displacement of the chassis in curve, and that in this way the tread of the wheel is the maximum (more rubber in contact with the ground).

¿Using these trapezoids, can we adjust the caster address?

Yes. Along with this upper trapeze are supplied three small plastic washers that will allow us to adjust the degrees of caster of the front axle. We understand by caster or angle of direction or advance, the angle that form the vertical direction of rotation with the horizontal of the ground.

It is clear that changes in the caster setting also directly affect the address response. To adjust the caster in this upper trapezoid we must use the washers included in this kit. We have three different degrees of caster depending on which orientation we put the trapeze (not symmetrical) and if we put the two washers behind the trapeze, or one in front and one behind.


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