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We have broadened the airbrushing section of our website with two new items

Written by Tarik Smith in 9 April 2011

Whether it be applied to aerosol painting in the world of make up or that of the world of hobbies, and model vehicle decorating, these two small devices could be really useful.

The anti water filter, designed for being assembled onto small airbrushes, will prove to be essential when it comes to working with air compressors that use an expansion chamber. When compressed air is used and is stored in a small tank, water condensation is produced. Most compressors with air tanks come with air valves for purging residual water.

Independently of the use that is given we give to our aerosol material, if it is used habitually or occasionally, in professional or amateur circles, it is important that all of the equipment is well maintained. Additionally, as we mentioned previously, if compressors with air tanks are used, one of the important maintenance tasks is the frequent purging of the compressor.

One must consider the fact hat this water that is generated by way of condensation will make its way directly to the air brush via the air tube coming from the compressor, and will end up being released as a spray together with the paint used. This would undoubtedly provoke many unwanted imperfections in your paint job.

It is important to realize that if a can of compressed air is used instead of an air compressor, the condensation effect will still be produced. Furthermore in such a case there aren´t purge valves, thus giving even greater importance to our anti water air valve.
The anti water filter can be used with our air brush set by placing it at the mouth of the air tube and screwing it directly onto the spray gun. It will allow you to observe if water has accumulated in the filter itself (water that would have otherwise entered directly into the filter.) In such a case one could proceed to empty the filter via its small purge valve.


The filter is made of transparent plastic (so that one could easily see if water has accumulated on the inside), and aluminium (so as to provide greater resistance). In addition, its ergonomic shape makes it very easy to grip.

The second part that comes with the set is another small device designed to make work for professional airi rushers and general enthusiasts a lot easier. It is a pressure regulator valve with which you can make accurate adjustments to the volume of air that you wish to supply to your paint gun.

Its small dimensions and very light weight (just under 15g), enable for it to be used throughout long sessions of airbrushing. As with the case of the anti water filter, the regulator valve is to be placed between the paint gun and the end of the air tube.

Both parts for the air brushing; the pressure valve and the water filter, are designed to make your job easier, so for this reason you won´t have to move from place to place when operating this equipment. Even though the compressor has a pressure regulator or air purge valve, all of such operations can be executed directly from the grip of the paint gun.
To conclude, we would like to remind you that the anti water filter is designed for use with air brush compressors that come with a tank or with compressed air cans. It is not necessary for use with compressors without any compressor chamber.

Below you can see an explanatory video of these products. 

We have broadened the airbrushing section of our website with  two new items

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