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Team Durango DETC210 design

Written by Tarik Smith in 5 January 2015

 There is another pilto who has joined the Short Course 4x2 band wagon.

Race by Race new pilots have been showing up in this category. New pilots in the SC category, but no new ones in the radio control Category...Well, Gabi started racing gas powered track cars of the 1/10 scale and also went full force into the world of the MiniZ.

  As you are well aware, having a good handle on the fast and agitated racing of the Mini-Z, can  enable us to face other RC categories with a considerable advantage, given that we dominate a wide array of skills involving smooth and effective driving which set us apart from everyone else.   

In the case of Gabi, who, after "testing out" the track, a 4x2 Short Course, saw right away that, in addition to being lots of fun, it was easy to adjust to the driving style; "pumping" the gas / brake throttle wasn´t a problem at all, and only had to get accustomed  to the jump tecniques.

  After evaluating various chassis options, a Team Durango DETC210 was acquired and the set up process began. 

In only a few hours, Gabi had set-up the chassis and, without any further ordue, went on to paint the body and decorate it with personalized stickers. 

 A Red Bull design was chosen in the end, using silver and bleu colours, and combining them with high quality stickers, purchased from stores specialised in racing motor cycles.

Gabi set up a SkyRC SC120 alternater, and a brushless 8.5 motor. 

Here we can check out the final product. According to Gabi, he can´t wait to start racing!


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Team Durango DETC210 design

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