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Optional triggers for KO Propo transmitters

Written by Tarik Smith in 2 July 2013

As you are well aware, ko propo transmitters have always been characterized by their top ergonomic designs i.e. the possibility that some of their components have to be modified and / or adjusted to the needs of each user.

As much as you might have your RC vehicle set up and ready to go, regardless of the amount of money that you have invested in parts and options for it to be improved, the only instrument that you´ll use to remote control your model scale vehicle is a transmitter. For this reason it is of utmost importance that this key component be adjusted to suit YOUR needs and not vice versa as had been the general case for users until very recently.

The position of the steering wheel, the width of the hand grip, the counterweights for balancing the transmitter, the hardness of the steering wheel spring; in contrast to the LCD screen, the color of the LED indicators etc. are just some of the regulations and adjustments that KO Propo includes in its radio control equipment.

Evidently, the size of an adult hand is not the same as that of a child. To say the least, with only making comparisons between adults of the same gender and of the opposite sex, we can see that there are many differences when it comes to finger thickness and length.

For all of these aspects,  the ergonomic properties of the transmitters of the RC equipment is a characteristic that must be taken more and more into account, and even more so if you want to get maximum enjoyment and in the best conditions of your hobby.With this article we focus on one particular part that all transmitters with a grip and pistol -like shape: the accelerator/brake trigger.

The KO Propo brand some time ago had already provided a new twist to this part when it launched on the market the EX1-UR model in which the trigger included the option of regulating the position of the small brake trigger, catering to users with thicker or slimmer fingers. The following transmitter model commercialized by KO Propo, the EX10 Eurus, went even further and incorporated a ball and socket system for adjusting at will the position of part of the trigger, the brake trigger. This was called the 3D trigger. This same brake trigger is the one used by the model currently manufactured by KO Propo, the EX1 KIY transmitter.

Here you can see an image of the original 3D trigger.





Bear in mind that it is important that easy trigger action is a key factor for your accelerator/braking finger, given that high quality  transmitter manufacturers like KO Propo aren´t the only ones to highlight the importance of this issue; Prestigious RC parts manufacturers such as the likes of PN Racing have just launched on the market two types of trigger that are totally or partially compatible with precisely KO Propo


Naturally, these two optional products wil help you to improve even further the ergonomics of your transmitter and the performance experienced once it is hand held.

Below we can see images of the two trigger types:



The complete trigger in 4D aluminium (ref. 500900k10, in the previous photo in orange color aluminium) is manufactured by PN Racing  and fully takes the place of the original 3D trigger by KO Propo. It constitutes two parts; on the one hand there is the main trigger itself (accelerator or brake), and on the other hand there is the brake trigger. Both the gas trigger and that of the brake are made up of modifiable metal parts which can be  adjusted to your liking, positioned and set into place to best suit your needs.  This trigger is, without a doubt, the one which allows for most adjustments and can be installed onto the transmitter models manufactured by KO Propo EX10 Helios, KO Propo EX10 Eurus, KO Propo EX1 KIY. In all three cases, the original trigger is substituted by the new improved version. This is by no means a complex procedure, although in the first two cases the transmitter has to be opened, whilst in the case of the EX1 KIY it is only the grip that needs to be opened.  

 The second item that we´d like to present  (ref.500901) is simply a readaptation of the 3D brake trigger assembled by KO Propo. In other words, in order to assemble this part  a KO Propo transmitter is required which was originally designed for the 3D trigger on the old KO Propo EX10 Helios, totally substituting the stock assembly options.

Therefore, in order to set up the brake trigger onto the original 3D trigger the rotary adjuster must be  loosened so as to re-orientate the brake trigger. Once lossened, it must be removed and replaced by the new metal ball and socket adjuster which comes with the optional re-positionable b & s adjuster. In this case it won´t be necessary to take apart the transmitter nor the grip , given that the whole operation is performed on the 3D trigger alone.


Here you can get a glimpse of what it looks like it´s assembled




If we consider the fact that in the most challenging real life competitions, the F1, the pilots use custom-made gloves,  custom-made fire-protected overalls, incredibly expensive custom-made helmets, custom-made single seaters. etc.

Now the RC pilots can enjoy transmitters and optional parts that can be personalized and adjusted to your liking, almost as if they were custom-made.  



Optional triggers for KO Propo transmitters

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