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New charger for the MiniZ with Smart Phone connection

Written by Tarik Smith in 8 December 2013

SkyRc has developed much more than a useful AA AAA battery charger for our small kyosho miniz cars. As the latest novelty, this device can control and monitor the entire charging/ discharging process in a much more visual manner, thanks to Blue tooth connectivity.   




Another advantage o this charger is that it has the option of charging at 2500Mh/h, thus reducing the AA battery charge time.



The charger comes with 4 independent slots in which both AAA and AA batteries can be placed. In addition, the charge of each channel can be configured independently, given that the AAA batteries require a charge power quite different from that of AA batteries.





At all times, the LCD display shows the charge status and monitors the process, although the charger can also be connected to a smart phone (iPhone or Android) to get maximum benefit out of your battery capacity. In this mode, display graphs and improved visual information can be displayed. 

The charger includes 7 distinctive manual control buttons for the charger, making it a very straightforward and intuitive interface.  


The reclining feature is another one of the advantages that make the charger all the more manageable, as it is easier to view the charge status via the LCD display.

In the same manner, the charger houses Blue Tooth indicators, a USB connection as well as a ventilator to guarantee the proper operation of the charger.   




The basic functions of the charger as follows:

1. Charge

2. Dishcarge

3. Battery top-up ( for batteries that have been stored for significant periods of time)

4. Break-in (cyclical procedure designed to push the battery to maximum performance.

5. Cycles


The new smart phone applications are now available to you at the APP store or via Google Play if your phone happens to be an Android model. 





New charger for the MiniZ with Smart Phone connection

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