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Mini-Z Sports, comprised of the MR03 Chassis + KT19 Transmitter + body

Written by Tarik Smith in 27 November 2013

 What started out as a mere rumour following a few published photos, has now become a reality.

Kyosho has pulled out all the stops and has advanced in the whole idea of bringing the miniz to as many RC enthusiasts as possible. To do this they have created a product in READY SET format that includes the car (chassis + car body) + transmitter, at a very affordable price.

You can see in this video some of the novelties that kyosho showcased at the recent Hobby Fair in Tokyo:

The name of this new product which will make up part of the mini-z family is the Mini-Z Sport" and resembles the " one million Mini-Z" cconcept which Kyosho already commercialized over a year ago. It also includes, in READY SET format, body, a full Mini-Z MR02 chassis and a KT-18 transmitter.

On this occaision, coinciding with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the trademark, Kyosho has done it again! But this time with the MR03 chassis. They have manufactured new electronics for this chassis, in 2.4 Ghz format, which houses fewer functions then the current electronics. Neither can a gyroscope be connected, nor can the electronics be connected to a computer for adjustments to be carried out via the ICS system.

A a result, these new electronics are more "cost-effective" than the present models. Furthermore, we are also aware that this product is not manufactured by KO Propo. It is for this reason that won´t function synchronised with the Mini-Z 2.4Ghz ASF transmitters ,which we have carried up till now, either (neither with the KT -18 nor with the ko propo transmitters in ASF).

Kyosho will also provide, together with the body and chassis, a KT19 model transmitter, similar to that which is used nowadays wtih the Mii´z moto Racer. This 4 channel transmitter  allows for the usual settings; gas-break trim, steering trim and will also utilise the switch on and off buttons of the other two channels for setting both the the Dual Rate as well as to switch on and off an optional lights kit, which can be connect to the electronics of the car via a small connector.  


Esthetically, we can only differentiate this new version of the MR03 chassis from the current one, by the color of the antenna cable (blue), and because it will consist of fewer micro connectors on the electronics platform. 

According to Kyosho, the idea is for the there to be two co-existing versions of MR03; the economical version and the current version (with KO Propo electronics. . To achieve this, Kyosho will continue to manufacture both versions, as well as the brushless MR03VE version. 

If every thing goes as planned, this new prodcut will be established in the European market during the Autumn season, with it´s price falling below 200 euros.

We certainly hope that this new initiative contributes to the further promotion of this category of automobile modeling , and also, that this encourages even more enthusiasts, of all ages, to get involved in this great hobby.

Below, we leave you with some pics of the first Mini-Sports sets that are now available:  







Mini-Z Sports, comprised of the MR03 Chassis + KT19 Transmitter + body

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