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HPI Racing Stand at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013

Written by Tarik Smith in 28 February 2013

Every year, the hpi stand, one of the principal and most dazzling of the contest, is divided into various thematic zones.

On the one hand, the stand consists of a spacious area for holding meetings within the area, with comfortable sofas to sit back in and do business from. On the other hand, in the HPI there was an area full of glass showcases featuring 1/43 replicas of a wide array of racing cars. 

HPI´s still models are renowned world wide for their high quality and high level of detail. 

Lastly, there was the  RC zone, with all of the vehicles on display on a wide podium for the visitors to see them up close.

One of the most crowded areas of the HPI corner, without a doubt, was where all the available versions of the HIP Racing Baja 5b were. Including the famous Baja 5B, the 5T bodied version, the 5SC ( Short course) and the new Baja 5B propelled by brushless motor. 

Within this same RC zone the bodies of the 1/10 models also made their mark, including esthetic details with high grade realism.



HPI Racing Stand at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013

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