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Coming soon! The Team Durango DETC410

Written by Tarik Smith in 30 April 2014


 Here you have a summary of the most important caracteristics that have been highlighted by the manufacturer. 

A 2.25mm multidirectional carbon-laminated "Quasi-isotropic" chassis for more controlled flexibility.  

Top Deck: 2mm. Also "quasi tropic" laminated

Shock towers: 3mm carbon-laminated

Motor mount with ultra low center of gravity made of 7075-T6 aluminium. 

A fifth rod for greater dimensional stability of the body at high speeds. this 5th rod is only for supporting the inner body.

Optional parts in anodized aluminium with 7075-T6 quality.

Front and rear adjustable camber and an adjustable caster from 0 to 6g with 2g increments. Serial stabilizing bars  (1.3 mm front and 1.2 mm rear)

Ajustable ackerman 

Central steering

Independant servo motor mount

Configurable battery position and doesn´t require for the chassis to be perforated in order for the fastening belt to be set in place. 


Comparison with the prices of the competitors: 


Team Durango 399 Eur
X-ray T4 529 Eur
Hot Bodies TCXX 499.98 Eur
Tamiya TRF417WX 674 Eur
Yokomo DB7 Comp 529 Eur
Team Asso RC10TC6.2 419.97 Eur


It can be seen therefore from this list that that this is about to become  one of the most reasonably priced cars compared with its competitors.


Coming soon! The Team Durango DETC410

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