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Amazing set up of an Axial SCX10

Written by Tarik Smith in 7 January 2011

David Soriano has taken us all by surprise with the stunning job that he has carried out on his axial SCX10.



David started out with an RTR vehicle, specifically the  Axial SCX10 RTR with a DINGO body . As you can observe in the photos, He has completely transformed the aesthetics of the car, firstly by painting the body. For this he used printing ink, which is very adhesive and matt varnish. The end result is unbeatable.   

 In addition to the paints, David used other different elements; some of which he purchased and others were more "home made" so to speak, to touch up his car.   


 The side plates, the roof rack and the type of anti rollover bars were made by him by cutting and soldering tubes. For the front light -protecting mesh he used those distributed by 3Racing; conveniently painted and modified to taste. He also added Led lights in the rear section.    


To give it even more realism, the interior of the car comes complete with Mr. driver accompanied by two little cans of Cola for the ride...

You have to admit that the realism of the lights is incredible.   


David has informed us that he will continue to develop his car...this time on a mechanical you can only imagine the sort of magic that awaits us!


At TRP we will be following up on the development of this as well as any other cars that you wish to inform us about. 
Thanks a lot David for the excellent work that you´ve done. Were already eager to see more!


Amazing set up of an Axial SCX10

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