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HPI Racing Stand at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013

Written by Tarik Smith in 28 February 2013

HPI Racing is one of those RC vehicle manufacturers that, year after year, sets up one of the largest and most stunning stands of the fair. > read full article
Axial stand at the Nuremberg 2013 toy fair

Written by Tarik Smith in 27 February 2013

Axial, the American manufacturer of Crawler vehicles, also showcased a very dynamic stand, together with an enclosed park-type space with rocky terrain and suspended bridge; ideal for those professionals who wished to demonstrate their skills and the robust nature of these vehicles. > read full article
Tamiya stand, Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013

Written by Tarik Smith in 21 February 2013

Tamiya, one of the major manufacturers of toys and RC vehicles, set up one of the main stands of the Nuremberg Fair. > read full article
Kyosho Stand, Nuremberg Toy Fair

Written by Tarik Smith in 12 February 2013

As with previous years, the Kyosho stand of the Nuremberg toy fair was one of the most visited by professionals of the RC sector. > read full article
Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013

Written by Tarik Smith in 11 February 2013

Here you have all the information and photos of the new products on show at the latest Nuremberg international toy fair. The top brands of the world of radio controlled vehicles. > read full article
New TRP (Technical Racing Products) page on Facebook

Written by Tarik Smith in 22 November 2011

We are currently working on a new project on Facebook that will offer you a much greater user experience with respect to our company and products. > read full article
Information on the new TOP Photon Chassis

Written by Alex Rubio in 11 March 2009

Warm up for the European 2008

Written by Mauricio in 19 June 2008

On Thursday at 7:00 my friend Andrés and left from A Coruña and headed off to Villareal; a distance of no less than 1004km from the circuit. The aim was to leave as early as possible given that we had been told that at 18:00 the track was due to close and according to the Tom Tom our arrival time was due to be at about 16:15. I wanted to get moving early in order to get fam... > read full article
New Signings for the TOP Team

Written by Mauricio in 3 June 2008

To begin with, after having spoken to them during the course of the Warm Up for the European Championship last Sunday in Villareal, today I´m pleased to announce to you that the Top team will add to its list of signings; Luís Condes  ( 5th in the 2007 Spanish Championship and 18th in the Villareal Warm Up) and Raúl Sancho (... > read full article
2nd Round of the Galician (Molgas) Championship

Written by Mauricio Martinez in 4 April 2008

The race was characterized by the fairly wet circuit due to the rainy conditions in which the race was held as you can see in the photo. In this race there were a  total of 15 registrees, of which two, Alvaro Marrero and Marcos Estevez, didn´t achieve the minimum number of laps required to qualify. Despite everything, it wasn´t so bad after all with the regi... > read full article
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